Santa Hats

Santa Hats

Santa Hats are a great addition to your Santa Wardrobe.  There are currently two basic styles, berets for the “Summer Santa” look and the Velvet for the “Traditional Santa” look.  Berets come in Red, White, and Green, with various embroidery work on the back.  They do have snaps on the side with a bit of an adjustment.  The Velvet hats are custom made to your head size.  They can be embellished with customized embroidered designs.    Please see some of her beautiful work below.

Ren Shirts, Summer Shirts, Vests or Tunics, Jackets and more are also available.

Custom Embroidery by Roberta Wells.

Mrs Claus also has Aprons for Santa and Mrs Claus available.  Click here to see the Aprons for Santa, and Mrs Claus for her Aprons.  Check out the new Fleece Vests and Fleece Jackets.

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Santa Hats with Custom Embroidery

Velvet Hat color choices
Velvet Hat color choices
Red Velvet with 3 different designs
Red Velvet with 3 different designs
Red Velvet with Gold Christmas Tree and snowflakes with pompom
Blue Velvet with Star and snowflakes and pom-pom.
Blue Angel Santa sporting a Blue Velvet Santa Hat.
Velvet-Burgandy with Gold Star, snowflakes and pompom
Velvet-Burgandy - Reindeer and pompom
White Beret with Red SC embroidery.
White Beret with Red Believe or SC embroidery.
Santa Wade sporting a White Beret with Red Believe embroidery.
Red Beret with White SC Embroidery
Red Beret with White Believe embroidery
Berets - Red, Green and White available
Beret - Green front View
Beret - Green Side View with adjustable sizing snap.
Beret - Green Back with SC in gold embroidery
Beret - Green with Believe embroidery
Beret - Green with Santa, and White with Believe