Embroidery – Vests

Embroidery – Vests

Embroidered Vests for Santa have been keeping Mrs. Claus busy.  The embroidered vests for Santa are available in many colors  with a choice of green, gold, red or burgundy for the embroidery thread.  Please see some of her collaboration work below.

Shirts, Vests or Tunics, Fleece Jackets and more are available.

Custom Embroidery by Roberta Wells.

Fabric Patterns and/or Colors, subject to change based on availability from suppliers.

To see the Custom  Embroidered Shirts click Here.

Mrs Claus also has Aprons for Santa and Mrs Claus available.  Click Santa to see the Aprons for Santa, and Mrs Claus for her Aprons.

Click here to contact Mrs Claus about Embroidery.

Santa's Tunic/Vest with embroidered front/back and belt loops
U Shaped Vest
U Shaped Vest
CandyCane - Red with Red Buttons (Front)
CandyCane - Red (Back)
CandyCane-Green with gold buttons (Front)
CandyCane - Green (Back)
Bright Gold - Front
Bright Gold - Back
Gold Brocade - Front
Gold Brocade - Back
Green Vest with side lace up (Front)
Green Vest with side lace up - Back
Tree Vest and Custom Embroidered Ren shirt with Green thread.
White with Green Embroidery
Christmas Tree Vest with Embroidered Belt Loops - and Ren Shirt with Green Embroidery
Tartan Plaid Vest with custom embroidery belt loops front and back.
Tartan Plaid - Back
Beautiful White Brocade Vest with Gold SC and custom belt loops and White Ren Shirt with Gold Embroidery
Red Brocade Vest with Gold Embroidered SC and belt loops
Burgandy Brocade with Gold SC and Embroidery Belt Loops
Santa Vest with Red SC on chest and embroidered belt loops
Gold Santa Vest with custom Embroidered SC on chest and belt loops
Burgundy Brocade Vest with custom SC embroidered.
Festive Green Vest with Red Embroidered Belt Loops and Ren Shirt with Red Embroidery
Brocade Vest with custom embroidery belt loops.
Gold subtle Brocade with custom embroidery on belt loops (front and back)
George G. in Gold Brocade Vest with custom embroidery